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What is the cost of air ambulance in India?

Basically, the main service that air ambulances offer is medical transport facilities. It facilitates the transportation of patients from one location to another. The air ambulance service has been in high demand for the last few years. Usually, the first hours after an injury are the main hours which demand the right kind of Hospital services and increase the chances of recovery if you get the best Medical Services, and here comes air Ambulance Service into the play.

So let’s understand what is air Ambulance Service

Air Ambulance Service facilities transportation with emergency medical facilities that make relocation of sick, critical or injured patients successful. This service is basically considered airlifting emergency patients.

Importance of India Air Ambulance Service.

Air Ambulance Service offers emergency Medical Services in Aircraft that help the patient reach their destination in less time. Now it becomes easier to relocate the patient from one location to another.

Air ambulance is known for their time-saving feature which is crucial in emergencies. Another advantage that comes with air ambulance services is a high level of care. To avoid the long-distance journey, an air ambulance is the best option, because too much time often makes the condition worse.

Bookmedicalflight offers fully equipped Hitech medical aircraft that monitor the patient’s health every second. We offer the best ICU facilities for all types of patients. 

Factors that determine the air ambulance cost in India

The main factor that affects the air ambulance cost is the distance that it has to be covered.

Distance is an important factor when calculating the cost of an air Ambulance Service. The higher the distance the higher will be the flight cost. But at the same time we at Bookmedicalflight offer you the best bed-to-bed patient transportation services with MBBS doctor and professional paramedical Services and same with affordable pricing.

No matter what type of patient we are going to pick, the type of service will be the best every time. This is the reason that we have successfully landed each and every patient at their destination.

Benefits of air ambulance

Patients that are in critical condition need fast Ambulance Service. Every minute counts, therefore by facilitating quick treatment the chances of survival increase. No doubt that air ambulance services are quite expensive, as they have medical experts and Technology advanced equipment on board with the necessary medical care. On the other side Road connectivity is poor in underdeveloped areas. So it takes a lot of time to reach the destination by road. Therefore, Air Ambulance is the best option for covering long distances. 

Why Bookmedicalflight air ambulance service?

We are your one-call partner, available 24/7 to help you. You can hire our air ambulance service anytime you need. Your emergency is our emergency.

Expert team

We believe that transportation is only successful when you have experts with you. with a team of professional doctors and nurses, the patient’s condition is monitored from time to time.

Advanced ICU equipment 

 With the best technology and advanced life support systems including ventilators, respirators, selection pumps, oxygen cylinders, and more. You are safe while travelling with all the facilities. 

Bed-to-bed transfer

Patients can avail of easy bed-to-bed transfer right from home to the hospital. need any ambulance services? Call us today. We are here to help you with the best air ambulance for quick patient transfer with ultimate doctors. 


we understand how the panic situation will become in these times. Bookmedicalflight air ambulance service offers 24/7, experienced staff, and advanced ICU, making your transportation quick and stress-free. We will plan and maintain everything possible for you.

Your emergency partner

We are 24/7 available with skilled and experienced doctors, staff and qualified pilots. our plane departs within a short time after your emergency confirmation 

Air Ambulance Cost for all Cities in India

The minimum cost of our air Ambulance Service is around Rs 2,50,000. This cost includes bed-to-bed transfer right from the patient’s current stay to transfer him safely to the destination. Moreover, the Air Ambulance Service includes a medical team of professional MBBS doctors, advanced technology tools and equipment, oxygen service, ventilator, expert staff, cardiac machine, emergency medicine, oxygen cylinder, pulse oximeter etc. We are equipped with all the tools and Technology needed for an emergency transfer. Using Bookmedicalflight as your ambulance partner, you are getting a partner that offers you top-class amenities and helps you with any kind of relocation. 

The main fluctuation in pricing arises from the distance. If you are in need of a long-distance journey with the Air Ambulance Service, the charges will be high.

What is the process of booking an air ambulance?

Bookmedicalflight has simplified the process of booking air ambulances. You can directly make a booking by calling us. Follow some simple steps and we will reach you at the quickest. With just one click or one phone call, you will get all the necessary information about the Air Ambulance Service. Contact us, and share your emergency. Within 10 minutes we will get back to you with the best price. 

The next step is to make confirmation. If you confirm your booking, you need to make advance payments to our account. Once payments are done, you will receive an email from our side having the full details of your air Ambulance Service booking. It will take a time period of 5 hours to reach you. Therefore, considering the health of critical patients, it is advisable to book Air Ambulance Service as soon as possible without taking much time.

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